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Suitable for all brewing methods.

Strawberry, Yellow Peach, Black Sapote

Producer:            Various Small Holders
Region:                Uraga, Guji
Varietal:              Heirloom
Processing:        Carbonic Maceration Natural
Altitude:              1,950 - 2,250 MASL

Uraga, a woreda situated within the Guji zone, is akin to a sacred land where coffee is cultivated upon humble plots of land, with each farm spanning no more than half a hectare on average. These small patches of earth, blessed with fertility, also yield bountiful crops of corn, barley, beans, and wheat. Within the confines of the Uraga washing station, both Washed and Natural coffees are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the divine artistry of creation.

The Uraga washing station, acting as a holy vessel, graciously receives the cherries bestowed by farmers dwelling in the encompassing region. From this sanctified gathering, a special lot emerges, carefully curated through the process of cherishing the cherries within a sacred CM fermentation. This sacred transformation is brief but purposeful, allowing the cherries to imbibe the essence of fruit, ultimately revealing their true character. Thereafter, they are reverently placed upon raised beds, meticulously arranged in a dense array, thus preserving their opulent texture and unfurling an abundance of sweetness like heavenly nectar.

Size: 100g
Grind: Whole Beans
Size: 100g
Grind: Whole Beans

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