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Suitable for all brewing methods.

Strawberry, Lime, Eucalyptus

Producer:            Oscar Hernández
Farm:                   Los Nogales
Region:                Bruselas, Pitalito
Varietal:               Typica
Processing:         Mucilage EA Decaf
Altitude:               1,750 MASL

This decaffeinated coffee stands as a pinnacle in our tasting experience, unrivaled by any other. Its flavour profile deviates significantly from conventional decaf brews, courtesy of a unique processing approach.

Initially, the coffee cherries undergo a process of fermentation followed by depulping. The mucilage, rather than being discarded, is meticulously preserved and harnessed for the decaffeination process. In a manner akin to sugar cane EA (ethyl acetate) decaffeination, the mucilage functions as the crucial agent. Subsequent to the completion of the decaffeination process, the coffee undergoes a meticulous drying phase on raised beds for a duration of 15 days, followed by an additional 20 days of stabilization before the milling process commences.

Los Nogales represents the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation within a family-owned enterprise. Situated in the town of Bruselas in the southern region of Huila department, this remarkable farm traces its roots back to the Hernandez family, who established it around 1940. Building upon this rich heritage, Mr. Ricaurte Hernandez propelled the farm forward with an unwavering commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee. Following his passing, uncertainty surrounded the future of this cherished farm. However, approximately six years ago, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ricaurte's son, Oscar Hernandez, Finca Los Nogales experienced a resurgence, transforming into a shining exemplar for farmers across the entire area.

Acknowledging that the land sustains life and breathes vitality into the coffee plants that thrive upon it, Los Nogales remains acutely aware of its responsibility. Recognizing that exploitative practices could endanger the very space required for coffee cultivation, the entire Los Nogales team champions a long-term sustainability ethos. Departing from conventional intensive farming methods and traditional fertilization approaches, the farm actively replaces commercial, single-component fertilizers with complex organic humus derived from their own coffee processing by-products. Additionally, they gradually adopt wider spacing between coffee plants on their plantations, reducing the strain on the land. While this less intensive, yet more expansive and intricate cultivation approach may yield lower short-term outputs, it ensures the preservation of the land's fertility, ensuring coffee can be cultivated on the same grounds for generations to come.

An additional critical element in coffee production lies within the genetic materials—the varieties meticulously selected for cultivation. At Los Nogales, a diverse array of coffee varieties thrives, including traditional indigenous Arabica types like Typica, resilient newer breeds such as Castillo or Colombia, and even exotic strains imported from other countries and continents, like Geisha or Sudan Rume. By nurturing this rich genetic diversity, the farm cultivates coffee with unique flavor profiles and cultivates resilience within their crops.

At the heart of Los Nogales beats an unyielding passion for innovation. Recognizing that the coffee industry continually evolves and necessitates scientific understanding, Oscar Hernández embraces a multidisciplinary team of experts. This team encompasses a biochemist, an agricultural engineer, a microbiologist, an experienced accountant, and, of course, Oscar himself, a highly capable manager. This collective brings together scientific knowledge and genuine enthusiasm, driving the farm forward. Embracing differences of opinion as valuable assets, the team collaborates harmoniously, constantly pushing boundaries and striving for excellence.

Los Nogales epitomizes the spirit of progress, harmonizing the rich traditions of the Hernandez family's coffee farming legacy with cutting-edge innovation. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, an emphasis on genetic diversity, and a multidisciplinary approach driven by science and passion, this remarkable farm sets the standard for excellence in coffee production and serves as an inspiration for farmers far and wide.

Size: 200g
Size: 200g

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