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Suitable for all brewing methods

Plum, Fine Chocolate, Dark Cherry

Producer:            Edwin Zambrano
Farm:                   Finca Buenavista
Region:                Algeciras, Huila
Varietal:               Castillo
Processing:         Anaerobic Natural
Altitude:               1,750 MASL

Edwin Zambrano is a dedicated coffee producer in the Huila region of Colombia. He is highly committed to his work and strives to improve the quality of his coffees and optimize his production process. Currently, Edwin produces approx 150 x 70kg bags of Natural-processed coffees annually. His goal is to increase his income by enhancing the cup scores of his coffees and gradually expanding his overall production.

Edwin carefully handpicks ripe, red cherries from his farm and uses parabolic dryers to facilitate the drying process. He ensures even drying by frequently raking the cherries. Typically, it takes around 20 to 25 days for the cherries to dry. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, such as excessive rain, Edwin may resort to using silo mechanical dryers to complete the drying process.

The Huila region, situated in the southwest of Colombia, is renowned for its coffee cultivation. It is one of the three departments, along with Cauca and Nariño, where the Colombian Massif, known as Nudo de Almaguer, is located. The Colombian Massif consists of a group of mountain ranges and plays a vital role in providing safe drinking and agricultural water to approximately 70% of the Colombian population. The region is blessed with the presence of the Magdalena River, Colombia's largest river, which supplies abundant water for coffee farming and contributes directly and indirectly to 86% of Colombia's GDP. The mountain range in the Huila region also boasts fertile volcanic soil, characteristic of the Andean Mountains.

Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebeans
Size: 250g
Grind: Wholebeans

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