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This release contains 150 GRAMS of a Paul Doyle | Mikava Reserve lot,
Coffee packaged neatly into BMR vacsealed bag, inside true 12" Vinyl Jacket

Black Mass is filled with otherworldly emotions, as we now present
VOL: I of our Limited Release LP's.

Bundle with exclusive VOL: I Tee to qualify for DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING.

Suitable for all brewing methods.

Black Plum, Cacao Nib, Strawberry Juice

Producer:            Paul Doyle
Farm:                    Mikava
Region:                Marsella, Risaralda
Varietal:               Bourbon
Processing:        Ultra Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitude:              1,750 MASL

This coffee in particular was purchased through our friends at Far More, whom work directly with highly acclaimed, awarded producers that are considered masters in their field. Thus, collaborating with such producers has enabled us an open gateway to deal with these individuals, Such as Thee Paul Doyle, directly.

Mikava was founded, with their first 6 hectare farm in 2013 in the Historic Colonial pueblo in Marsella, Risaralda. It was the fulfillment of a dream that began in the mid-80s when the Doyle family started a café and roastery in the Pacific Northwest.

It was during a trip to Colombia that Paul Doyle and his son, Kevin, were inspired to follow their passion for distinctive coffee and decided to buy a farm and add growing and producing coffee to their resume.

The Doyles began growing heirloom varieties that offer distinct and incredibly special flavour profiles. Coming from “wine country”, they experimented with a way to process their coffees by using a common wine process known as Carbonic Maceration, that brings out the complexity, sweetness and florality in the fruit.

Mikava has been favoured by many competitors around the world, ultimately taking place in the Colombian Cup of Excellence, 2019.

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