ROYAL BLOOD (Wilton Benitez X Limited Release)

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Suitable for all brewing methods.

Sweet Milk, Vanilla, Orange Sherbert

Producer:            Wilton Benitez
Farm:                   Granja Paraíso 92
Region:                Piendamo, Valle del Cauca, COLOMBIA
Varietal:              Java
Processing:        Controlled Washed
Altitude:              1,750 MASL

Wilton Benitez, Formerly a Chemical Engineer, now a pioneer in the coffee world. A highly specialized Colombian coffee producer with a lifetime of experience in the production and processing of exotic coffee.

With several recognitions for the quality of coffee, today, he has a processing plant in the Department of Cauca that meets high standards of quality and control to guarantee the quality of the final product.

In addition to its two small farms, located one in the department of Cauca and another in Risaralda, Granja Paraíso 92 is a family farm that has different varieties such as Java, Bourbon Pink, Geisha, Pacamara, caturra, Tabi, Castillo, Supremo, and Colombia using highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, somber and nutrition calculations, all aimed at producing a unique coffee that can be verified through the multiple awards obtained. 
Paraiso 92 also utilizes its own microbiology laboratory, quality laboratory, and process plant.

'Controlled Washed' - was the most brief explanation for the process of this particular lot. Wilton, having a background in Chemical Engineering, has implemented such knowledge into curating this coffee, allowing thy to transcend into another dimension. The process is as follows:

1. Manually harvested in season without rain (for a minimum of 3 weeks).
2. A Manual selection of only ripe fruits.
3. Sterilization with ozonated water.
4. Sterilization with ultraviolet light.
5. Pulping of the fruits.
6. Fermentation begins in an anaerobic bioreactor.
7. Yeasts are added (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus) which contributes to the fruity aromas, spicy character, & oriented towards citrus flavours.
8. Verification of Ph and brix degrees. PH=5,5 and Brix Degree= 18.
9. Further fermentation of the fruits for 52 hours.
10. Coffee is then washed with water at 75 degrees centigrade.
11. From there, Drying the lot at 38 degrees Celsius.
12. The coffee is then dried in 46 hours in controlled mechanical equipment.

This coffee is incredible - to say the least. We've not tasted anything this complex and clean before. You're bound for a coffee experience you will not forget.
Size: 100g
Grind: Whole Beans
Size: 100g
Grind: Whole Beans

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