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Suitable for all brewing methods.

Crimson Grape, Boysenberry, Lavender

Producer:            Edwin Noreña
Farm:                  Campo Hermoso
Region:               Circasia, Quindio
Varietal:               Wush Wush
Processing:         Bacteria Natural
Altitude:               1,650 MASL

Nestled within the Colombian department of Quindío lies Finca Campo Hermoso, a testament to three generations of resilience in the unforgiving terrain of the coffee industry. Edwin Noreña, a third-generation farmer, Q grader, and agroindustrial engineer, leads the charge against uncertainty.

In a landscape marred by volatility, Edwin foresaw the necessity of diversification. He bravely steered Finca Campo Hermoso towards the daunting realm of specialty coffee, where innovation was the catalyst for growth, recognition and higher quality. Despite the challenges, they persist, crafting high-quality lots that surpass all expectations.

Their toil has not gone unnoticed. Through the crucible of competition, their beans have earned coveted spots on the international stage. But amidst the accolades, the journey remains arduous, each victory a mere flicker in the vast expanse of uncertainty.

In Finca Campo Hermoso, amidst the mist-shrouded hills of Quindío, the struggle for survival intertwines with the pursuit of excellence—a saga defined by resilience, determination, and acknowledgment of the harsh realities that shape their existence.

This particular lot features the Wush Wush varietal, hailing from Ethiopia's Gesha region, renowned in the coffee world for its exceptional cup profile marked by floral notes, vibrant acidity, and lingering sweetness. Its origin story, veiled in mystery, dates back to the early 20th century, with tales of chance discovery or intentional cultivation by farmers in pursuit of its hidden potential.

Despite its enigmatic beginnings, Wush Wush has soared to global prominence, captivating palates and earning accolades for its unique flavor profile. Today, it stands as a symbol of Ethiopia's esteemed coffee heritage, inspiring cultivation efforts and experimentation worldwide.

The processing method for this lot involves lactic fermentation with lactic bacteria for 8 hours, followed by a double closed process of 72+75 hours, rotating the mosto every 4 hours by extracting and reintroducing, and concluding with 21 days of sun drying.

Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Beans
Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Beans

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