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This release contains 150 GRAMS of coffee, packaged neatly into a custom BMR vacsealed bag, inside a true 12" Vinyl Jacket

Black Mass is filled with otherworldly emotions, as we now present
VOL: II of our Limited Release LP's.

Suitable for all brewing methods.

Guava, Banana, Peach Iced Tea

Producer:            César Andrés Ledesma Bermúdez
Farm:                   Finca Bet-el
Region:                Calima, Valle del Cauca
Varietal:                Pink Bourbon
Processing:          Natural 011
Altitude:                1,600 MASL

This specific lot was purchased directly from Finca Bet-el, and it brings great joy and pleasure to share with you the fruits of César and his family's labour.

Finca Bet-el, located in Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, cultivates and offers exceptional nanolots with a cup score ranging from 88 to 92. Situated at an elevation of 1,600 MASL, this farm benefits from the fertile region and the presence of the Cauca river.

Valle del Cauca, previously affected by the Colombian armed conflict, has transformed into a region of great potential. It is positioned on the Pacific coast and shares borders with Chocó, Tolima, and Cauca. Recognized for its fertility, the valley owes much of its agricultural success to the Cauca river, which plays a vital role in the cultivation of coffee.

Farmers in this area have a deep understanding of the significance of sustainable water management, eco-friendly farming practices, and the preservation of natural resources. Finca Bet-el, situated in the municipality of Calima, exemplifies this commitment. Owned by César Andrés Ledesma Bermúdez, the farm focuses on producing exceptional micro-lots through agroforestry techniques.

The farm is a haven for flourishing nature, evident in the diverse array of bird species that grace the skies above. Varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Sudan Rume, Geisha, Castillo, and Yellow Tabi thrive on the land.

César's dedication to preserving the ecosystem is reflected in his pesticide-free farming approach. Moreover, he prioritizes post-harvest processes that minimize water usage, ensuring that the drying methods employed return water to nature.

The process known as Natural 011 follows a precise sequence of steps. Firstly, coffee cherries are harvested from the trees in intervals of 7 to 10 days. These cherries undergo a thorough washing, followed by a meticulous selection process. Overripe cherries and any extraneous materials like sticks and leaves are carefully discarded.

The selected cherries are then subjected to fermentation within 200-liter vats. To initiate this transformative stage, a lactic inoculum is introduced, and the cherries are left to ferment for an initial duration of 72 hours. Subsequently, a second fermentation commences, wherein water is added to the coffee mixture along with its leachates. This stage spans 60 hours, fostering the development of unique flavors and aromas.

Upon the completion of the dual fermentation, the coffee is subjected to sun drying for a period of 30 hours. Subsequently, the drying process reaches its culmination in our specialized condensation drying equipment, ensuring optimal moisture removal and preservation of the coffee's characteristics.

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