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Cherry, Cola, Passionfruit

Producer:            Sebastian Gomez
Farm:                  La Divisa
Region:               Circasia, Quindio
Varietal:               Geisha
Processing:         EF2 Natural
Altitude:               1,700 - 1,800 MASL

Sebastian Gomez, hailing from a lineage steeped in coffee tradition, co-owns La Divisa Farm with his father John, a sprawling 13-hectare estate nestled 1700 meters above sea level in Circasia, Quindío. The farm, adorned with majestic Guamo, Guayacan, Gualandai, and Nogal shade trees, serves as both their livelihood and their legacy.

A young and determined farmer, Sebastian, alongside his wife, tirelessly tends to the intricate demands of coffee cultivation while managing administrative responsibilities. His father, John, a seasoned veteran with over three decades in the coffee industry, has safeguarded the farm since acquiring it in 1995. Sebastian's immersion into coffee began earnestly upon his return to Colombia in 2014. Witnessing the burgeoning specialty coffee movement abroad ignited his passion, prompting a strategic shift towards cultivating high-quality beans. This transformation led them to introduce coveted varieties such as Geisha and Pink Bourbon.

Reflecting on their journey, Sebastian recounts years of patient anticipation, waiting for their labor to yield its exquisite fruits. It took three years before their dedication manifested into a marvelously distinctive coffee. A decade later, their focus pivoted from quantity to the relentless pursuit of quality—a shift mirroring industry trends. Today, attuned to market demands, they aspire to produce uniquely differentiated coffees, attesting to their unwavering commitment to excellence amidst an evolving landscape.

This coffee, nurtured by Sebastian, endured a rigorous process to reach your cup. It began with a stark 24-hour dry aerobic fermentation, followed by confinement within Grainpro bags for an additional 50 hours, all under a chilling 22oC. Afterward, the entire cherries were meticulously laid out on raised beds until the ideal 11% moisture level was attained.

This microlot stands singularly as 100% Gesha, a varietal that traces its origins to Abyssinia, Ethiopia, back in 1931. Its journey continued with a significant transplantation to Panama in 1963 and later to Colombia in 2005. Each step, each year, marks a testament to the meticulous cultivation and relentless pursuit of perfection that characterizes this coffee.

Size: 200g
Grind: Wholebeans
Size: 200g
Grind: Wholebeans

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